Welcome to our farm!

In 2013, we bought our farmhouse. We remember it well: it was three days before Christmas and we were three months pregnant with our baby son Puck. The farm’s sales brochure said you could “do something” with the zoning. We thought a little activity at home would be a lot of fun anyway. Selling jams or a tea shop perhaps? Wow, that would be something. Homemade apple pie with coffee, just nice and toasty, would it work? Who knows, we both had jobs, our first child on the way so we would see.

But a B&B? No ya, a nice bathroom and guest room, that was in the planning. We bought the farm and threw ourselves into the (huge) renovation, because a lot needed to be done.

But then Peter lost his job. The idea of doing “something” at home began to take shape. But that this would grow into the B&B we have now, we never imagined

This is how it began. Our critter mess expanded and in 2016 we started five tent houses from Farmers Bed. In 2021 Wendy said goodbye to her salaried job and now we are really packing up: just look at the future plans.

Greetings from us!
Peter, Wendy, Puck and Anna.

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Our future plans

Things are about to change at our Landhoeve. We’re looking forward to it and after reading the plans, I’m sure you are too. The premise remains the same: natural, back to basics with comfort. Not staring at your smartphone, but staring at a wood fire. With the whole family in the great outdoors and sleeping in a good bed at night. So is it going to be very different? No, it gets much better.

What does the Landhoeve look like in 2024?

Landhoeve 2
  • 8 beautiful wooden cottages, with lots of natural materials and all the comforts you have come to expect from us.
  • We are creating a swimming pond on the site of the former goat pasture (now cow pasture). Of course, this will be surrounded by a beautiful and sturdy chestnut fence.
  • The cuddle barn, with rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. Egg retrieval? You can do that soon here.
  • A nature education room, with games and books to learn from and get out and about (it will be in the cuddle barn). When the weather is bad, this place is a big hay bale climbing paradise.


  • Next to the swimming pond will be the haystack to play in.
  • At the haystack there will be a sandbox with a water pump and one of those fun wooden water courses, so the little ones can safely play with mud and water on hot days.
  • We are making the site car-free. You can park at the front, where we are constructing new parking spaces.
  • A new country store with open kitchen and seating areas built in a beautiful, authentic style (“stilt mountain,” google it).

We are currently incredibly busy working out of the plans above. Want to be kept up to date on the goings-on at the farm and our progress? Then sign up for our newsletter below!