B&B Oldebroek

The B&B Oldebroek is located in the municipality of Oldebroek in a beautiful quiet place in the middle of nature.
The B&B is located at the back of our farmhouse, in the former barn.
There are 2 family rooms with private entrance and terrace, with stunning views of the grounds and all facilities.

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Discover Oldebroek from the B&B

On the North Veluwe, near beaches, forests, sand drifts and heathlands, our B&B is located in the municipality of Oldebroek.
A great base for fun trips in the area!
For example, visit the Wezepsche heide, where Scottish highlanders, wild boar, red deer, roe deer, foxes and badgers are found. Go back to the old days in the farm museum “the Upper Region” or visit the (still working) mill “the Hope”. Meet the miller and, of course, don’t forget to bring a bag of pancake flour! The farm store also has a variety of leaflets and information about Oldebroek and the surrounding area!

Click “Experience” below and see what else is available on the farm and in the surrounding area.

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Spend the night at our B&B in Oldebroek

In the former part at the back of the farmhouse are 2 family rooms with private entrance and terrace with a beautiful view of the grounds and all facilities.
Each family room is fully equipped for 4 people (2 adults and 2 children).
The B&B rooms have a private toilet and bathroom with sink and shower.

A refrigerator is provided in your own kitchen. The rooms are equipped with every kitchen utensil imaginable; from scissors to frying pan, cutlery to coffee cups… you don’t need to bring anything from home!

What is there to do at the B&B in Oldebroek?

Because the Landhoeve is a small-scale farm, you can wake up slowly to a beautiful view of the property, surrounding pastures and cornfields. Enjoy nature, peace, hospitality and many animals. There are cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. With a little luck, you will discover bats and owls at dusk. Watch beautiful sunsets and roast marshmallows at the communal campfire area.

Animal Feeding
Farmer Peter is happy to show you how Klara is milked by hand; of course, you are welcome to try it yourself! Furthermore, children can cuddle with the rabbits and guinea pigs in the cuddle barn or you can rent your own private bunny.

Egg Picking
Pick up your own egg in the chicken coop!

Farm Tour
Want to learn even more about farm life? Then join us on the Farm Tour! Every Tuesday and Saturday we go out in a vintage Ferguson tractor and farm cart to take a look at the 200 cows and calves on the adjacent dairy farm of Farmer Martin, Farmer Paula and their 3 children.

Playing, playing, playing

There is also a swimming pool, a haystack for climbing and clambering and a sandbox with a water pump, trampoline, swings and a slide.

Pizza night
Every Wednesday and Saturday night there is a pizza night. The wood-fired pizza oven will be heated for a few hours and then we can begin! Grab a ball of fresh dough and roll your own pizza. Then top your pizza with a wide selection of ingredients. Then the farmer’s wife bakes the pizza on the stone floor of the pizza oven and you can feast on your homemade pizza. Of course, we finish by the campfire with marshmallows.

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Additional options at the Bed and Breakfast in Oldebroek

Convenience serves man, so there are all sorts of extra features at our farm

Farm Shop
In the farm store we sell homegrown meat and all kinds of Veluwe regional products, but here you can order freshly baked bread or homemade apple pie. You will also find organic ice creams, local beer and much more in the store….

It is possible to order meals on the farm. Both ready-to-eat, like the grilled chicken from the farm spit with fries and applesauce, and meals to still prepare yourself, like the farmhouse soup on the campfire cart.

Extras at the B&B
It is possible to have a farmhouse hot tub placed on your own patio, rent a private rabbit or rent bicycles or a boat, for example.

Click below on go to “Comfort” to see what all the additional features are.

Explore the surroundings of the B&B in Oldebroek

There is also plenty to do around the farm!
Near the farm, a variety of hiking trails begin and you can fish in the Gelderse Gracht.
Visit the drift sand area in ‘t Harde or visit the A. Vogel gardens.

Discover it old fortified town of Elburg, but also Hanseatic city of Kampen whether it Bakery museum in the picturesque town of Hattem are nearby. You don’t have to go far for a cooling dip either and you can go to the Veluwemeer whether it Heerderstrand.

For a piece of history, a visit to the artillery museum at the army range in Oldebroek do not miss or visit the hiding camp “the hidden village” in Vierhouten. Find out more about the Jewish life in Elburg. The farm store also has a variety of leaflets and information about Oldebroek and the surrounding area!