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Bell Tent

Beautiful they are, the really cotton Bell tents. We have three of these large white tents in our yard, on the side of the farm, the opening facing the wide fields. It is a wonderful accommodation because what could be nicer than the fresh morning air and the sound of the birds in the morning. Of course, the tents are equipped with all comforts.

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The family tents

The tents are beautifully decorated with natural materials, have running water outside, an outdoor kitchen and private terrace. There is no electricity in the tent, so grab your book and head outside. Clever use of vegetation gives you real privacy as well as the best views, no matter which tent you stay in.

(max. 4 people*)

Bell tent binnen

There is no electricity in the tents, if you want to charge a phone you can do so in the store.

More possible

A well-stocked breakfast basket, wood-fired hot tub and other extras can be found in our comfort menu

For you and your family

  • Lovely beds with quality mattresses, also for the children
  • 4-season sheep’s wool comforters and linen package
  • Towels, you get two per guest
  • Pans, utensils, cutlery, crockery, scissors; you don’t need to bring anything, it’s there.
  • Gas stove in the tent
  • Cool box (we have cooling elements for you in the farm store)
  • Led lights, battery-powered for the book or game in the late hours
  • Outdoor kitchen with running drinking water
  • Outdoor cooker (also barbecue) with plenty of wood
  • Terrace with picnic table, waterproof parasol and two wooden deck chairs

If it is cold we put a petroleum stove in the tent so it is pleasantly warm.

The mandatory Tourist Tax is €1.59 p.p. per day

* Maximum 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old

To share with the other guests

  • 2 toilets
  • 2 separate showers with sink
Bell tent 1 persoonsbedden
Bell tent hottub
Bell tent boerderij

What our visitors say


We had a fantastic week at your farm! A huge experience for the children that they get to help feed the animals twice daily. Great! The tent is nice, spacious and clean. Superfine! The food you guys provide is delicious, the pizza nights are very successful and we really felt welcome at the farm!

Jacintha, Koen, Kim, Julia & Noa

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