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The time has come: our new accommodations will be ready at the end of May 2024!
They’re going to be beautiful, but pictures… Of course, we don’t have one yet. Nice drawings to give you an impression of how it will be.

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Wooden cabins

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On the land near the farm there are four wooden cabins in the green. Through clever use of shrubs, trees and grasses, each house has sufficient privacy. And what a space! The terrain is one big adventure for the children. Playground equipment, a trampoline and of course those cool go-karts to race around on the grass. They are busy for hours. You have a view of the entire site from your house and there is no open water. This way you can relax and the children can do what they do best: play.

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The cabins

In the wooden houses you will find everything for a wonderful holiday in nature.

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A nice living area with sofa, a kitchen that is fully equipped and a wood stove where you can also cook. The bathroom, that’s going to make you very happy (and the kids too). There is no wifi or electricity in the cabins, and you get used to that faster than you think. Relaxing and swaying to the languid rhythm of the outdoors is always a fantastic experience for our guests. The kids? They are outside all day. By the time they are roaring in their box beds with blushes on their cheeks, you are enjoying the sunset or musing by the wood fire. If that’s not a holiday?

This, and more, can be found in the 6-person cottages
• A bedroom with a lovely double bed with 4-season wool duvets
• Cozy ‘bunk bed sets’ (70 x 200) for the children, in a secluded part of the living room
• Handy: one of the box beds can be transformed into a cot.
• Kitchen with cold and hot running water
• Kitchen utensils, pots and pans, crockery, scissors, washing-up liquid; it’s all there
• A nice bathroom, with shower over a tub (fun for the children)
• Towels (two per guest), tea towels, dishcloths and bed linen are provided
• Cool box (we have freezer elements for you in the country store)
• Nice wood-burning stove (for cooking and heating), with protective rack
• You can borrow a high chair from us
• A private terrace with picnic table and two wooden sun loungers
• Want to make a campfire? Barbecue? Next to your house you will find a place for this.

Do you want a hot tub?
The cabins are all the same, but two have a hot tub. When booking, you can choose a cabin with or without a hot tub. Bath-’em!

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The terrain is one big adventure for the children.

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What our visitors say

How much we enjoyed being with you!
A tremendously nice place and so much warmth and hospitality. The boys thought feeding animals with farmer Peter was the most fun 😉 ! But the children’s play area was also enjoyable.
We too enjoyed your place; the farm tour, pizza night and your good care. We will come back again!

Arjen, Maartje, Tijn & Finn

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