Major renovation

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We’re going to do it: cabins on our land

We have made the decision: Our Farmer’s Bed Tent Houses and also the Bell Tents are
past. What we have wanted to do for so long, we are now going to do: build wooden cabins for our
guests, who could have come straight out of a picture book.

Dream Cottages

Imagine: wooden houses like you see in America. ‘Log cabins’ is what they call them there. With such a veranda, natural grass roof and chimney. That’s exactly what we’ve been imagining for a long time. Because how wonderful that would be, and how well it would fit here. But that was something for ‘someday’. But then comes that moment when you think ‘shall we just do it? Shall we?’

What a job!

And then you have to get to work. We won’t bore you with the details, but for now, just give us a week’s holiday and a massage. What a job and how much we still have to do. From permit processes to the eternal puzzling of how to ensure that the houses are as sustainable as possible. From heating to cooking facilities; How do you build in good harmony with nature? These are challenges that we have had to brood on for a long time. But now we have the first drawings ready.

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That porch is going to be built

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So we get 8 wooden houses, based on the style of ‘log cabins’. The green roof will be covered with a biodiverse grass mixture and because there is a wood stove, there will also be a stone chimney. And we can already see it in our minds: the chirping of crickets in the evening and then on that veranda with a tea or glass of wine. Children outside, you can see them further down the road with the go-karts or fiddling with twigs and grasses. On such a beautiful wooden lounger, or rocking chair, or bench… Look, that’s the kind of thing we’re all figuring out right now. But the basics are there.

Too many to mention

How beautiful the bathroom will be, how nice the children’s beds, how cool that own fire pit by the tent… It doesn’t fit all in one newsletter, so we’ll let you know more about everything that’s coming up soon. And not just the accommodations; We are also going to take care of the site. We’re looking forward to it!

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