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illustratie Landhoeve

The most beautiful time


Ending the day with mud on your shoes, the fresh air in your lungs and a lovely bed to dive right into. The Landhoeve offers high-quality comfort, true outdoor living and an authentic stay full of beautiful moments for you and your family. Fall madly in love with our beautiful piece of nature and experience how nice it is to really get away from it all in your own country. Back to basics, without wifi and electricity, just enjoying each other and everything around you.

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The rhythm of the farm

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Vacationing with the children on the farm. They are delightfully busy feeding animals, collect eggs or help milk cow Klara. And what makes you happy? A wood-fired hot tub? A breakfast basket in the morning or a day of sailing together? Check out our comfort offerings and get in the mood already.

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B&B Studios

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Tent Cottages

Landhoeve cabin


About the


The Landhoeve is a place to completely unwind. Getting away from it all and having time for yourself and your family; that’s when you really have a vacation. Plenty to do, plenty to nitpick. We welcome you to our beautiful piece of nature that is our home.

We live on the farm with our family and we will definitely meet when you come to spend the night with us. Want to know a little more about who we are? Read about us and how we started our business here. That went just a little differently than you might expect.

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On our farm there is plenty to do

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On our farm there is plenty to do

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What our visitors say

“Thank you so much for this top midweek on your beautiful land! Lovely to wake up in the middle of nature among all the animals in a very nice, well cared for tent! The children enjoyed so much collecting eggs, feeding animals and playing together on the playground! The farm tour was also very educational and fun!

Thank you for all the good care and for the top week!”

Mike, Cindy, Sky and Sem

Our activities

Our activities

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Pizza night

In the yard is a large wood-fired oven. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the logs go on and it’s pizza night.

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The country store

We have a country store with practical items for your stay. But you can also find delicious local produce here.

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Feeding the animals

We hebben van alles rondlopen: koeien, geiten, kippen, konijnen, … . Die moeten allemaal gevoerd worden. Kom je ook helpen?